Annual Award Recipients

1999 Award Recipients - left to right Margaret Gibbs, Charlotte McLean, and Charles Rotteck Jr. Sadly, all are now deceased.

Every February, at the Society's Annual Meeting, we recognize outstanding members of the community with the Dorothy Larson and David Humphreys Service awards. Below is a list of past recipients. Because our Annual Meetings recap the previous year, the newest award recipients are listed as such (i.e. - the 2003 awards were handed out in February 2004, etc).

Beginning in 2006, we began recognizing recipients of the Dr. John I. Howe Award at our Thanksgiving Receptions.

An asterisk (*) indicates the individual is deceased.

Dorothy Larson Award  

For his or her many contributions to the community which in the spirit of the award's namesake coincides with the mission of the Derby Historical Society, which is to preserve, protect, and honor our cultural and traditional values.

1998 - Florence Hoinski*


1999 - Charles Rotteck, Jr.*


2000 - Edward Cotter, Jr.


2001 - Randal Ritter


2002 - Jeanette LaMacchia*


2003 - Helen I. Brady*


2004 - Mary Mycek


2005 - Dorothy DeBisschop & Karen Bauer


2006 - Marian K. O'Keefe


2007 - Venture Crew 1762


2008 - John Brady


2010 - Katharine Matthies Foundation


2011 - Daniel Waleski


2012 - Judy Augusta

Bill Miller accepts the 2010 David Humphreys Award on                                    
behalf of the Katharine Matthies Foundation from Jack Walsh                                                                  


David Humphreys Service Award 

Awarded to members in recognition of his or her many years of service in contributing time, talent, and resources in helping fulfill the mission of the Derby Historical Society.

1999 - Margaret Gibbs & Charlotte McLean*

2000 - Arthur Tidmarsh* & Lois Young

2001 - David Carver, and Mr. & Mrs. G. Bush Clark

2002 - Lawrence Howe & Wanda Sedor

2003 - Lorraine O’Callaghan, Roy Scott*, & Eve Turaj

2004 - Margaret Els* & Ann Mester* (both posthumously)

2005 - The Kosciuszko Historical Society

2006 - Joy Donini

2007 - Edward Brickett Jr.* & Jeremiah Vartelas

2007 David Humphreys Award Recipients - Jeremiah "Jerry" Vartelas (left) and the late Edward Brickett Jr.

2008 - Barbara Jean Garofalo

  2009 - Atty. Timothy Dillon

 2010 - Day in 1762 Docents

2012 - Bill Miller, Jr.

2013 - Pete Petrino



2002 Award Recipients (clockwise from top right) Randy Ritter, the late William Coffey, David Carver, Mr. & Mrs. G. Bush Clark

Dr. John I. Howe Award  
The Dr. John I. Howe Award is awarded to a businessman or woman, individual, group, firm, corporation, or industry whose presence has consistently benefited one or more communities in the Valley region in the spirit of its namesake. This benefit is either through activism, perseverance, and/or philanthropy to the extent that the Derby Historical Society recognizes that they will be remembered in an historical context by future generations.

2001 - William Coffey*

2002 - Charles Seccombe

2004 - John Walsh

2006 - William C. Bassett & John A. Frey

2007 - The Descendants of Adolph Rapp

2008 - Margaret Gibbs

2010 - Roseland Pizza

2012 - Derby's Cohen Family

2013 - David Grant, Sr.

2014 - Ned Miller

2015 - Martha Dulla-Andrade

2016 - Roy W. Tidmarsh*

Lena Lucarelli accepted the 2010 award from Past President Randy Ritter

2004 Award Recipients. (Left to Right) John Walsh, Mary Mycek, Joseph Mester (widower of Ann Mester) and Henry Els (widower of Margaret Els)