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See Derby's official page on the Electronic Valley here. If you do not find the information you are looking for here, check our other link pages, the Derby Public Library, the Derby Neck Library, or contact the Historical Society.

1790 Census (OOI)

1901 Alling Mills (aka Paugassett Mills) Strike (DHQ)

1975 Tercentenary (DHQ)

2000 Census Data Adobe Acrobat Reader required

African-American Governors from Derby (DHQ) Historically referred to as "Negro Governors" or "Black Governors" prior to the Civil War.

Alling Building (DHQ)

Ansonia Borough (DHQ)

Baseball Champions 1996 (DHQ)

Basketball Champions 1951 (DHQ)

Bassett House (DHQ)

Birmingham Iron Foundry (DHQ)

Birmingham National Bank (DHQ)

Boy Scout Housatonic Council

Brewing Company (DHQ)

Brownie Castle (DHQ)

Burtville Chapel (DHQ)

Carnegie Medal Recipients (DHQ)

Charlton Press (DHQ)

Charlton Press (history)

Charlton Press (Wikipedia)

Civil War Monument

Coal in Derby (DHQ)

Cobblestone Hill (DHQ)

Colwell's Funeral Home (DHQ)

Commodore Hull Theatre (DHQ)

Counterfeiting Ring in 1700s (DHQ)

Derby Academy (DHQ)

Derby Day (Yale Regatta) (DHQ)

Derby Fishing Company (DHQ)

Derby Green (DHQ)

Derby Green (VDT)

Derby Green & Surrounding Streets (DHQ)

Derby High School on Minerva Street (DHQ)

Derby High School 1937 State Football Champs (DHQ) - "The Iron Men"

Derby Neck Library scroll down for a timeline

Derby Neck Library (VDT)

Derby Public Library

Derby Public Library (VDT)

Derby Savings Bank (DHQ)

Electric Freight Locomotive (First in world) (DHQ)

Elks Club (DHQ)

East Derby War Memorial (DHQ)

FDR drives through Derby

Fire Department history up to 1930 at the Hotchkiss Hose Co #1 website

First Congregational Church (DHQ)

Flood of 1955 (2004 DHQ)

Flood of 1955 (2005 DHQ)

Football Champions 1969 (DHQ)

French and Indian War (DHQ)

French Army in Derby during Revolution (DHQ)

Gould's Armory (DHQ)

Greystone Mansion (DHQ)

Hawkins (Joseph) House

Hawkins Ice Skates (DHQ)

Hawthorne School (DHQ)

First Helicopter built by Derby man? (DHQ)

Historic Photos at Randy Ritter's website.

Hoffman House Hotel (DHQ)

Hotchkiss Hose Co #1 (DHQ)

Hotel Clark (DHQ)

Howard & Barber Department Store (DHQ)

Hubbell Brothers Shoe Store - oldest shoe store in Connecticut (DHQ)

IOOF in Derby (DHQ)

Immanuel St. James Church scroll down and click parish history

Irish in Derby (DHQ)

Irving School (New) (DHQ)

Irving School (Old) (DHQ)

James B. Atwater Bridge (DHQ)

Joseph Hawkins House

Junction (The) (DHQ)

Kellogg Post, Grand Army of the Republic (DHQ)

Kettle at Public Library (DHQ)

Lake Housatonic Park (DHQ)

Lilacs first imported here (DHQ)

Main Street (VDT)

Main Street (DHQ)

McConney's Farm (VDT)

Methodist Episcopal Church (DHQ)

Methodist Church (DHQ)

Midway Restaurant (DHQ)

Nathan's Hall - also called Gould's Armory (DHQ)

Native American Fort (DHQ)

Naugatuck River Bridges (DHQ)

New Haven & Derby Railroad very comprehensive site on this historic railroad, as well as other lines in the area at

O. B. Feeney Meat Market - on Eighth and Smith Streets (DHQ)

Ousatonic Dam (VDT)

Ousatonic Water Company (DHQ)

Pink House Cove (DHQ)

Police Department scroll down for history

President James Garfield in Derby (DHQ)

President John F. Kennedy in Derby (DHQ)

Recreation Camp (DHQ)

Revolutionary War Veteran's List (OP)

River Restaurant (DHQ)

Roosevelt Drive (DHQ)

Roosevelt Drive (DHQ)

Roosevelt Drive (VDT)

Ryan Field (DHQ)

Second Congregational Church (DHQ)

Sentinel Hill farmland (DHQ)

Shad fishing on the Housatonic (DHQ)

Ship Launching (DHQ)

Spring Water (DHQ)

St. James's Church (VDT) see also Immanuel St. James link

St. Mary's Brigade sports (DHQ)

St. Mary's Church (VDT)

St. Mary's Church (DHQ)

St. Mary's School (DHQ)

St. Michael's Church (VDT)

Stahl's Rambler Dealership (DHQ)

Steamboats (DHQ)

Sterling Opera House (DHQ)

Sterling Opera House (VDT)

Sterling Opera House - Last Show in 1945 (DHQ)

Sterling Piano Company (DHQ)

Stork's Tavern (DHQ)

Storm Ambulance & Rescue Corps history 

Street Names (DHQ) Seventh Street, Lafayette Street, & North Avenue

Town Well, Old (DHQ)

Transportation (Early) (DHQ)

Trolley Routes

Vonetes Palace of Sweets (DHQ)

Watering Trough (DHQ)

Williams Typewriter Company (DHQ)

Woolworth (F. W.) Store (DHQ)

Yale Boathouse