Oxford Links

        The Town of Oxford is very fortunate to have two wonderful websites which not only do a splendid job on the history of their town, but has relevance to the rest of the Lower Naugatuck Valley as well. It is out of deference to these websites that with a few exceptions we are only listing items from the Valley Heritage Driving Tour on this page. For more information on Oxford history we highly recommend Oxford Past and Our Oxford Info. For more information, see the Town of Oxford's Electronic Valley Website, the Oxford Public Library, or the Oxford Historical Society.

Brookside Cemetery (VDT)

Carriage House (VDT)

Christ Church (VDT)

Eight Mile Brook scroll down (VDT)

FDR drives through Oxford

Glenbrook House scroll down (VDT)

Great Hill United Methodist Church (VDT)

Griffin House (VDT)

Oxford Congregational Church (VDT)

Oxford Green (Upper) (VDT)

Oxford House (The) (VDT)

Oxford Historical Society

Oxford Past - an Incredible History, Genealogy, and Cemetery Project

St. Peter's Episcopal Church (VDT)

Sanford House scroll down (VDT)

Schreiber Farm (VDT)

Stevenson Dam (VDT)

Southford Cemetery (VDT)

Southford Falls (VDT)

Squantuck Cemetery (VDT)

Twitchell (John) House (VDT)

Twitchell (Josiah) House (VDT)