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Historic People in
Connecticut's Lower Naugatuck Valley

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Amendola, Buddy - (DHQ) UCONN football captain from Derby

Basset, Ebenezer - First African-American Ambassador

Bartelme, Jerrod - Sea captain who fired upon bridge at mouth of Housatonic River (DHQ)

Beardsley, Dr. Ambrose - Physician and co-author of 1880 Derby history (DHQ)

Bourglay, Jules - "The Leatherman" (DHQ)

Bradley, Senator Henry M. - State senator and Derby historian (DHQ)

Bristol, William (OP) - Early Ansonia businessman

Brooker, Charles (OP) - Another Early Ansonia businessman

Chamberlin, Clarence - Aviation pioneer who lived in Shelton

Chromik, Martin - Late Derby High School Principal (DHQ)

Collins, John H. - Derby's first World War I death (DHQ)

Croffut, David K (DHQ) - Derby inventor

DeFilippo, Lou  - legendary High School football coach (DHQ)

Derby High School 1937 State Football Champs (DHQ) - "The Iron Men"

Dillon, Rev. John Jordan - Derby native was Providence College President (DHQ)

Dirienzo, Mayor Anthony (DHQ) - Derby's first Mayor of Italian descent

Dow, Herbert H. (DHQ) - Dow Chemical founder spent childhood in Derby

Durand, William F - "Dean of American Engineering" (DHQ)

Egan, James - Major League baseball player born in Derby (DHQ)

Gates, Frank - Philanthropist (DHQ)

Gompers, Samuel - Famous labor leader mediated 1901 strike in Derby

Haugh, Harry A. Jr - (DHQ) - Derby native was a pioneer in the development of the  modern traffic light. See his obituary here.

Holbrook, Josiah (DHQ) - Educational pioneer

Horoschak, Adam (DHQ) - World Lightweight Wrestling Champ

Hull, Commodore Isaac - Famed commander of Old Ironsides, the USS Constitution

Hull, Joseph (DHQ)

Hull, Gen. William - Warrior from the American Revolution and the War of 1812


Humphreys, Gen. David - Aide-de-Camp to George Washington, our first Ambassador to a foreign country, poet, author, industrialist - one of the Valley's greatest heroes.

Hyde, Orson - Valley native was important pioneer in the early Mormon Church (DHQ)

Impellitteri, Vincent - NYC Mayor from Ansonia (DHQ)

James, John (DHQ) - Derby's first teacher

Jennings, Dr. Isaac - Visionary or fraud? (DHQ)

Johnny o' the Woods (DHQ) - Famous local wanderer. He still appears quite a bit these days, in the "100 years ago" sections of This Week in History.

Keefe, Jimmy - Champion track star (DHQ)

Kellogg, Clara Louise - Derby's 'prima donna' (DHQ)

Kellogg, Frances, and her father, Wilbur Fisk Osborne - Industrialists and philanthropists, whose left the legacy of Osborndale State Park, the Kellogg Environmental Center, and the Derby Neck Library.

Kosciuszko, Gen. Tadeusz (DHQ) - Polish nobleman who fought in both the American Revolution, as well as the Revolution that liberated his Polish homeland. A hero on two continents who was friends with David Humphreys.

Lallemant, Pierre (DHQ) - Ansonia man invented the bicycle.

Leatherman (The) - The area's famous wanderer (DHQ)

Nettleton, Charles (OP) - Derby businessman, and the Borough of Shelton's first Warden.

Mansfield, Rev. Richard - served his church for an incredible 72 years, during some of the most tumultuous times in American history.

Orchano, Bob (DHQ) - Derby's only State Football MVP

Orcutt, Rev. Samuel - Author of 1880 Derby history (DHQ)

Osborne, William Fisk (see Frances Kellogg)

O'Sullivan, Patrick (DHQ) - Derby attorney and judge

O'Sullivan, Thomas (DHQ) - Derby's first Mayor

Patrick, Brother Adelphus - Derby native was Manhattan College President (DHQ)

Phelps, Anson (DHQ) - Founder and namesake of City of Ansonia

Pettit, Robert (DHQ) - Major League baseball player who lived in Derby

Pine, Charles H. - Ansonia industrialist, namesake of Pine School

Riordan, Mayor William J. (DHQ) - Derby's first Irish born mayor

Ryan, Leo F. - One of Derby High School's greatest coaches (DHQ)

Sanford, Henry Shelton - U.S. Ambassador and founder of Sanford , Florida (DHQ)

Sanford, Henry Shelton - The Sanford Historical Society has a wealth of material on its founder and former Derby resident

Sherman, Lydia (DHQ) - Famous 19th century murderess who struck in Derby and Shelton

Shelton, Edward N. - Derby pioneer industrialist, namesake for City of Shelton

Shelton, Dr. Gould (OP) - Longtime Physician and Health Officer in Shelton

Shelton, Jane DeForest - Noted author (DHQ)

Skoronski, Bob - Derby football player on the championship Green Bay Packers

Strang, Edmund - Boy Scout pioneer (DHQ)

Stephens, Mrs. Ann S. - Dime Novel Author

Storrs, John Whiting (DHQ) - Derby's "Poet Laureate"

Sullivan, Ed (DHQ) - Famous entertainer was in 1956 Seymour auto accident, stayed for a week in Griffin Hospital 

Sullivan, George (DHQ) - Derby's Mayor from 1903-1904, 1912-1920, and 1935-1938.

Torrance, David (OP) - Attorney and Civil War hero

Traprock, Walter, E (DHQ) - Fictional early 20th century character who had an estate in Derby.

Waldhaus, Donald - 1924 Olympic Fencer (DHQ)

Wheeler, General Joseph (DHQ) - A Confederate general who lived in Derby

Whitney, William (DHQ) - Derby man who was Deputy U.S. Counsel to Bermuda in the 1870s.

Whitrock, William (DHQ) - Major League baseball player who lived in Derby.

Wooster, Gen. David - Shelton Revolutionary War hero who fell defending Connecticut

Wooster, Edward - Derby (and the Valley's) first permanent settler in 1651

Wooster, Col. William B. (OH) - Ansonia Civil War hero and attorney

Wooster, Col William B. (DHQ)

Wooster, Sen. William Henry Harrison - Seymour Industrialist