1848 Map
of Derby, Birmingham,
and Huntington Landing

In 1948, Derby Savings Bank celebrated its 100th anniversary with a historical pamphlet, entitled Derby Savings Bank; Highlights and Contrasts of One Hundred Years 1846 – 1946. The pamphlet included a foldout map of the Derby, Birmingham, and Huntington Landing area's condition the year the bank was founded in 1848.

The map was drawn by hand, and was scanned in two parts, although there is overlap in the center to avoid missing details. Part 1 is basically all points below today's Derby-Shelton Bridge, while Part 2 goes farther upstream on both the Housatonic and Naugatuck Rivers.

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The Map included a handwritten description, which has been reproduced verbatim below:

Descriptive Material appearing on Face of Original Map of 1846

(Birmingham now center of Derby)

 In the village of Birmingham and contiguous thereto is contained 74 Dwelling houses and 575 inhabitants. Also 7 stores, one market, one furniture and two shoe manufactures, and connected with the water works is 13 factories with 18 waterwheels and under Lease about 300 horsepower of permanent and surplus water. Also 2 churches, 2 schools, & one hotel besides sundry establishments of tailors, dressmakers, millenaries, livery stables, etc. The general investment in the village and capital necessary to operate the factories is upwards of eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars. ($850,000). The freights to and from the village annually is upwards of 6500 tons. When factories and sundry establishments are fully employed there is upwards of 200 operatives in the village.

 The factories are employed
1st Phelps Dodge Mfg. Co. Copper Mills.
2nd Bassett Auger factory.
3rd W.&L. Hotchkiss, Blind and Sash factory.
4th P. Jackson, plaster mill and sundry turning.
5th Howe Pin factory.
6th Atwood Jumans silver factory.
7th Plumb and Beach flannel factory.
8th A.&W. Hawkins coach, axle, and general merchandise.
9th Sanford and Shelton tack factory.
10th Fitch Smith’s Grist Mills, and sundry buildings for springs, axle, etc.
Messrs. Colburn and Parker equal to thirteen factories in iron foundry, general machine shop, G.W. Shelton, wood & ivory turning, and wrought iron factory, 13 factories & Robt. Gates Jr. one lumber yard.


(East Derby)

 In the village of Derby Landing or the Narrows, so called there is contained 75 dwelling houses and 410 inhabitants, also 5 stores, one market, one shipyard, 2 coopers’ shops, one furniture manufacturer, one church, also sundry shoe manufacturers, tailors, milliners, dressmakers, etc and one Tan Yard. At the Docks is landed nearly all the freight for Birmingham. There is also upwards of 2500 tons of sundry freight landed at these docks belonging to the village together with Uptown, Humphreysville, Oxford and other places. There is in the Narrows 2 schools and one hotel.



 The Huntington ferry landing contains 12 dwelling houses and 48 inhabitants also 6 coloured persons total number 54 persons and in the ferry school district is 25 dwelling houses and 114 white and 11 coloured persons total number 125 persons in the school district. One cooper’s shop and one school.


1848 Map (Part 1) - South of today's Bridge Street



1848 Map - Upstream from Confluence of Naugatuck and Housatonic Rivers