Derby Historical Society

Derby Historical Society

37 Elm Street Ansonia, CT 06401 (203) 735-1908


David Humphreys House -  Home of Derby Historical Society

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Scenes from Derby History Day

Our Mission is to Preserve, Promote, And Honor Our Traditional Values And National Treasures We Don't just Preserve Houses - We Preserve Pride 

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Preservation. Restoration. Education. In a fast paced, ever-changing global community, it's never been more important to gain the perspective the past has to offer. The Derby Historical Society cares for its historic homes and artifacts, as well as maintaining it's educational programs to preserve an appreciation and understanding of our region's rich history. We want you to visit our homes. We want to continue educating area school children in our "Day in 1762" Program. We want to continue raising awareness of our communities' common heritage with a sense of respect and pride. Please visit our pages for a preview of the real life experience that we provide through our many programs. 

A Day in 1792


This unique four hour program serves fifth graders in the Valley and many neighboring communities. Throughout the day, the students role-play the identity of children alive in 1762, as they learn how to weave, spin, and prepare lunch on an open hearth. Children learn what life was like in the eighteenth century, along with our community's colorful history. Over 22,000 students have participated in this hugely successful and popular program to date. 

Visit Our Three Homes

General David Humphreys House

Dr. John Ireland Howe House

Rev. Richard Mansfield House 

Other Services

  • Genealogy
  • School Programs
  • House Tours
  • Historical Research
  • Gift Shop
  • Community Wide Programs
  •  Trips
  • Open Hearth dinners
  • Workshops
  • Exhibits
  • Curating

The Derby Historical Society's headquarters are located in the center of the Ansonia Historical District. Why not stop by, visit the Humphreys House and take a Walking Tour of the Historical District.  You might also want to take the Valley Heritage Driving Tour which passes right by the Historical Society.

We are honored to host the Kosciuszko Historical Society permanent display at the General David Humphreys House. To learn more about David Humprheys' friend Gen. Kosciuszko and the Valley's Polish-American historical society, click here.

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