Dr John Ireland Howe House - 1848

213 Caroline Street, Derby

Howe House

Truly a national treasure, this impressive stone house was built for Dr. Howe, a founding father of the Industrial Revolution. Howe invented the mass production machine which made the pin "common". The Industrial Revolution which Dr. Howe helped engineer, led to increased immigrant migration into the Valley, making it a melting pot for many nationalities.

With your help, the house will become home of the Lower Naugatuck Valley Industrial Heritage Center; where the Society's extensive collection of Industrial Era artifacts will be properly displayed. Future educational programs will include student hands-on programs that will introduce the Industrial Revolution and the Valley's active role in this period. Complete exterior renovation has recently been completed. We are now beginning the planning stage of Phase III, the remodeling of the interior to support the Heritage Center.

The house is currently closed to the public.