The Sterling Piano Exchange

In an attempt to better preserve Derby-made Sterling Pianos, the Derby Historical Society is launching the Sterling Piano Exchange. Here we hope to unite "homeless" pianos with people interested in owning and preserving these unique, historic antique pianos. If you have a piano you'd like to list, or are interested in adopting a Derby-made Sterling Piano, please contact us at

It should be noted that most of the Sterlings were upright parlor models. That is, they were made to fit in small spaces such as parlors or apartments. Over the years, with a little bit of TLC, we have seen many Sterlings restored to their former beauty.

** Note the term "Sterling Piano" also includes player pianos, organs, and melodeons, and includes the following product lines: Huntington Piano (made in Shelton), as well as Mendelssohn, and the Birmingham Organ Company. Also melodeons built by Joseph Sommer, and the Page, Potter & Co., both of Ansonia

February 22, 2010

Entry deleted - new home found for a Huntington piano in Exeter, RI.

July 9, 2008

Entry deleted - new home found for a Sterling Concert Grand piano.

June 18, 2008

Entry deleted - new home found for a Sterling through Craigslist

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